Imam Siddique instigates contestants with challenging tasks in Bigg Boss 9

Imam Siddique instigates contestants with challenging tasks in Bigg Boss 9 – Recently entered Imam Siddique, former popular contestant of Bigg Boss, has put the challenging tasks in front of all the contenders of 9th season. The famous Indian reality show on colours TV has taken many interesting turns in its terminating episodes.

Imam Siddique

Imam Siddique

Priya Malik, Rochelle Rao, Prince Narula and others will be obligated to raise their temper by the tormentor who is none other Imam Siddique. Family photo of Rochelle will be devastated by him in order to make her irritate.

Priya will be entailed to get angry when the new entree will hurl vegetables at her. Newly launched defying task ‘Kaun Imam’ will be announced by the organisers in which the housemates will have to neglect Siddique, while he endeavours to make all fail in it.

The confrontation between Mandana Karimi and Rishabh Sinha will be another matter of turning the eyeballs of spectators towards it. However, the intervention of Prince Narula will disallow Mandana to not pass any personal comment hurting the sentiments of Rishabh.

The interferer of this dispute along with Rochelle will be excruciated hard by the former contestant and patience of them will be tested by the Bigg boss organisers. Imam will mainly target these two people and attempt his best to make them loose their tempers.

In last episode, prince flabbergasted the audience when he disclosed the mystified fact about his real name which is Braveen Narula. As a new task, Rochelle Rao and Keith Sequeira were asked to desponsate but both of them took large time to know each other better and didn’t get betroth on national television.

In coming episodes, Imam will make it tougher to the participants of this show to overwhelm any task with simplicity. Level of defiance in the task given to the contestants will be seen culminated in upcoming episodes to get updated about which, just stay tuned to us.

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