Bigg Boss 9 Ticket to Finale Task Winner Name, Who Will be First Finalist

Big Boss 9 Double Trouble, the most popular TV Reality show in India is on full hype as it is heading towards the finale. Salman Khan hosted Big Boss 9 house is getting tense day by day, thereby the environment in the house is getting out of control with the contestant trying to overshadow each other by the task allotted to them for the Ticket to finale.

The previous episode of the Big Boss 9 were full of controversies and fights, thereby the contestants were seem competing each other to reach the finale.

Who Will be First Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble Finalist

Bigg Boss 9 Ticket to Finale Winner

Bigg Boss 9 Ticket to Finale Winner

The last episode was full of drama and fill with surprising events when Prince Narula and Kishwar merchant were teamed up against Priya Malik. Prince , who is know very well in playing Mind games with the other house mates, was the one who removed her from the task.

Last episode task was to empty the sand from the containers where ever house mate tried their best to counterfeit each other. Also things turned out violent in between Rishabh and Mandana.Rishabh who is a wild card entrant has played very safely and utilize every strategies , but he was unable to stand out in front of Prince , who encouraged the girls in the house empty Rishabhs Container. So after his elimination the road was clear for the remaining three housemates in the upcoming second task,which will be the Ticket to Finale Task.

Bigg Boss 9 Ticket To Finale Task Winner

Bigg Boss 9 Ticket to Finale Winner – The Ticket to final Task has now been very close to its final conclusion, with the remaining contestant are finding it difficult and trying their level best to reach the finale. Prince Narula is still receiving the buzz, who is still leading the house, on the basis of the results acquired from the previous task.

According to the report, Mandana Karimi is out of the Final Task “Ticket to finale Task”. It happened so that they were given task of pressing the buzzer, who has to stand on their individual booth and have to press the buzzer and the task was given with three options.

  1. The one who presses the buzzer first will be no more the part of the Ticket to Finale and but will remain only the part of the show.
  2. The contestant who presses the buzzer second will receive the amount of Rs 6, 33,333lakh and will leave the house.
  3. The finale one who is left will lead to Ticket to finale.

Mandana was the one who pressed the buzzer first, as she will be busy in promotions of her upcoming movie Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 releasing on 22nd January and she is out of the house.

So there will be only two strong contestants ,Prince and Kishwer, who have to prove against each other to win the Bog Boss 9 Title. But as per the latest report Kishwer is out of the show with rs 15 lakh , so Prince Narula who was determined to win the show from starting of the episode , will be the Ultimate winner of the Big Boss 9 Double Trouble.

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