Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode 102, (Day 103), 22nd January 2016 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode 102, (Day 103), 22nd January 2016 Written Updates

“Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode 102, (Day 103), 22nd January 2016 Written Updates”

Surprise Day

Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode 102, (Day 103), 22nd January 2016 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode 102, (Day 103), 22nd January 2016 Written Updates

It is Day 103, 1 day for finale, 8.00 AM inmates wake up to RJ Malishka’s voice instead of song. Maliksha congratulates everyone in house for being finalist , they thank her. Malishka asks is everyone living like happy Family, Mandana said kabhi khushi kabhi gum. Malishka ask to give a kiss to prince on cheeks, she does. Maliskha announces to contest to be held now and winner will get to watch movie in Bigg Boss cinema. Everyone gets excited. Malishka said let’s start with Prince ask’s her to give her kiss on cheeks through camera. Malishka asked prince you sid people will see a new prince. He said yes because everyone here is elder to me so i won’t fight. Mandan said i would love to fight with him. Maliskha asked was Mandana cold hearted. Rishab said yes as she didn’t make any friends. Shw said to Rochelle she made friendship for her sake. Mandana said haven’t you did so? She said yes its part of game but we all are humans here i haven’t forgot humanity. Malishka asked rishab you are not devil but why are you showing so? He said i did it for revenge on the people who are not good to me. Malishka asked you haven’t done anything great in task how you think you can win the show? Rishab said i have protected my sand without doing anything. Mandana said I and Rochelle did it many times. Rochelle said as we are sleeping you are saying. Mandana said people have underestimated me, but look i am here, speaking in front of you. Maliskha said i have rapid fire questions for you.

Most clever in house? Inmates say its Mandana.
Who doesnt take part in household chores much? Inmates say everyone but Prince does it less.-
Malisha asks who is selfish? Mandana says Rishab and Rochelle.
Who is cunning? Inmates say it’s Mandana.
Who is lazy? Inmates say its Rochelle
person who boasts much? Inmates say it’s Rishab.
Who will win show? All shout me, they laugh, Malishka says the one who will be supported by audience will win. Malishka said you all have won the contest and fans will ask you question in sometime. Maliskha and Bigg have some light moments with inmates.

Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode 102, (Day 103), 22nd January 2016 Written Updates

9.00 AM Rochelle says Mandana is very boring, i hope to not give any interview with her after show, she give negative interviews, Rishab says she takes everything in negative way, Rochelle says i was just joking and she took it wrong. Mandana acts like fighting with Prince, Rishab says this is wrong, you dont allow us to joke with you and now joking with him? Prince says you havent understood how to joke, Rochelle tries to say something but Mandana says i am not talking to you, Rochelle says i want to enjoy but people’s mood are not nice, Rochelle says i wanna laugh in this house, Rishab asks Mandana to get lost, she is full of negativity, Mandana leaves.
Mandana comes in washroom, she locks herself in washroom and cries loudly.Rochelle tries to to talk to Mandana but she ignores her, Mandana says i dont wanna talk to you, Rochelle asks if she is going to take bath? Mandana doesnt answer her, Rochelle leaves. Mandana says when they want they can talk to me or make fun of me, give me a break, Mandana says i have guts to say that i have played game, yes i did everything for game, atleast i am surviving alone in this house, Rochelle devi first you had boyfriend and now your friends, i dont have friends to use them for advantage, come on people grow up, she cries.

Malishka talks to inmates again, she asks if they fought? Rochelle says little bit, Malishka says good work done by me, she tells them that the fans have a few questions for them.
Fan asks Rochelle if Prince didnt give importance to her friendship? Rochelle says Prince gave me love but ddnt give importance, my opinion was not valuable to him but now he trying to rectify it.
A fan says to Mandana that i have loved the way you played game, she asks Mandana why other three doesnt deserve to win? Mandana says they have never played individually, Prince made relations, Rochelle had her boyfriend, relations made here are not real, Prince says she is person, we help her when she is ill but she says later that you came to me help, i didnt ask you to do so.
A fan asks Prince why he doesnt take Mandana as competition? Malishka says Mandana, Mandana, Mandana. Mandana says its all about Mandana.
Prince says i take Mandana as competition but she is not nice human being, she may win this game but she cant win life’s game given the fact how she lived in this house, Mandana says what i did in house has nothing to do with my life, Rochelle says this will

Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode 102, (Day 103), 22nd January 2016 Written Updates

keep going on for whole day.

A fan asks Rishab if he had regret that his relation spoiled with Madnana? he had soft spot for Mandana? Rishab says i had but somedays back Mandana confessed to Rochelle that she just used friendships in house so i have no regrets, its her loss eventually, Malishka ends call.
Rochelle says to Mandana that you said you never wanted friendship so this means when you acted like friends with me it was fake too? Mandana tries to answer but Rochelle leaves.

activity area is converted into “bigg boss cinema”. it is time for the housemates to watch movies at the Bigg Boss Cinema. They are given a chance to watch their journeys in the most unique manner where one movie is dedicated to each contestant. While Prince’s movie is called Action Aashiq, Prince is given name “Action Aashiq”, his journey clip plays, Bigg boss voiceover says this story is about a Prince, he was always in highlights, Prince fights with Rishab, Mandana and others is shown, how he was blamed to be physical, how he was called goon, how he had fights with Priya, how Mandana said he is animal. Bigg boss says he had game in hand but his heart was not in his hands, his flirting with Yuvika is shown, then how had love story with Nora, the one who give kisses is called Prince Narula. He had ups and downs, his equation with Kishwar is shown, how Kishwar left show for him, how he said his sister is more important to him than game, Bigg boss says Kishwar’s sacrifice made him villain, now grand finale is remaining, we hope that he has happy ending, clip ends. Prince cries and thanks Bigg boss, Prince cries and says i miss Kishwar, I am here because of Kishwar only, i am not here because of myself, i love you Kishwar, Rochelle hugs and consoles him, Rishab supports him, Rishab says thats spirit, Prince says if i win then Kishwar will be behind it.

Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode 102, (Day 103), 22nd January 2016 Written Updates

Its Rochelle’s movie time. her clip plays, Bigg boss says this story is about girl who became Miss India then she came in house to win hearts, she has Prince too(Keith), how she called herself angel is shown, her cute acts are shown, how she flirted with Prince, made him uncomfortable. Then her fights with Keith is shown, how she blamed Keith for being on Mandana’s side, how she snapped at him, Agar tum saath ho plays, how she had trust issues with Keith, how she said to Keith that he didnt say he is with her, then her fights is shown, how she made conspiracy against wild cards, how Imam uncovered it, how she had issues with Kishwar, how she was attacked in sand task. Bigg boss says Rochelle is still standing to win game. Rochelle is given name “Chennai super queen”. Prince gives kisses to Rochelle, Rochelle thanks Bigg boss, Rishab says i love her, Madnana says it was sweet video.

Its Rishab’s movie time, his clip plays, Rishab is given name “Ek tha Don”. His entry is shown, how he said that he will wake up everyone. Bigg boss says he was first wild card entry and became devil of house, his hotel task is shown, how he made Kishwar doggie, how he had cock fights with Prince. Bigg boss says then he became mild and all started taking fun of him, how he left car task because of his stupidity. Bigg boss says then Priya entered, they used to fight with each other and fought for each other too, they were frienemies. How Priya said after her eviction that she wants Rishab to win show, Bigg boss says there was climax too. How he was called no. 6 by inmates, how he was underestimated, how he had fights with Rochelle, clip ends. Prince hugs Rishab, Rishab says it was nice, Rishab says i was wearing same jacket when i entered house.

Rochelle says to Rishab that your relation with Priya is shown well, Rishab says i am incomplete without her in house, she was only one who didnt underestimate me.

Mandana’s move time. Mandana is given name “Revolver Irani”. her clip plays, How she accused Prince of being goon. Bigg boss says she was beautiful princess of Iran, but she showed her otherside, her fights with Keith initially, Bigg boss says she became lioness of house, she had targets Keith, Rochelle. Her relation with Rochelle is shown, how Rochelle b***ced about her because of task. How she used to walk out of conversation. Her fights with Prince is shown, how she abused him, how Prince warned her to not use slangs for him. How Mandana accused him of having used Kishwar. Then how she had fights with Rishab, how Rishab stood for Priya against her, how he abused her. How Salman said that Mandana is alone enough for all of them, how he said that nobody is able to ignore her, clip ends. Rochelle says all were targets of her.

Mandana comes in kitchen and says it was fun. Someone had to do it.
Rochelle says to Rishab that Mandana kept saying she is target but in actual, we were her targets.

Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode 102, (Day 103), 22nd January 2016 Written Updates

Mika Singh comes in house. he sings Aaj Na Jaa Billo, Inmates hug him and dances with him. Prince says he is pride of Punjab. Rochelle asks Mika to look around house, Bigg boss welcomes him and says we hope that you enjoy with finalists. Mika says when i was coming in house, i felt like this is jungle and you people are lions fighting with each other, he says we have to set Mandana’s mood right, Rishab says we can get upset too, Mika says you are always fun.

Mika says all are asking me to vote for Prince, Mandana, Rochelle or Prince. My friend KRK of whom all are afraid, he is asking me to vote for Mandana. Mika says two type of people come in house, one who is young and wanna take career ahead or old and want to come in limelight again, i might come in bigg boss when i will have downfall in my career when i will grow old, Prince says you dont need to come here sir. Mandana asks about her movie promotions, Kya Kool hain hum? Mika asks if she is in movie too? Mandana says yes, Mika says oh you are the one who is posing nicely on poster? Mandana says yes in red bikini, Mika says now i understand why Krk asks to vote for you, he is very handsome 6feet long guy, Mandana asks really? inmates laugh, Mika says yes, he is really handsome and muscular, Mandana asks if he is serious or joking? Rishab says we are laughing on his style, he is not joking.Mika jokes with inmates that he used to be told that he will not get work, he says not in bollywood you people will have good career, he asks Rochelle to marry Keith, if he doesnt listen then give me a call, i will set him right, he hugs everyone and leaves. Rishab says Mika rocks.

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