Big Boss 9 Full Episode 97, (Day 98), 17th January 2016 Written Updates

Big Boss 9 Full Episode 97, (Day 98), 17th January 2016 Written Updates

“Big Boss 9 Full Episode 97, (Day 98), 17th January 2016 Written Updates”

Team Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 Crew Plays prank on Mandana

Big Boss 9 Full Episode 97, (Day 98), 17th January 2016 Written UpdatesBig Boss 9 Full Episode 97, (Day 98), 17th January 2016 Written Updates

Big Boss 9 Full Episode 97, (Day 98), 17th January 2016 Written Updates

Day 98 started with jai ho song and salman khan made appearance as it is weekend episode. He dances on the song and asked audiences should he fold his sleeves or not as he is going to take class of the house mates. This is last week of big boss 9 double trouble as we have are finalist Rishab, Rochelle, Keith, Prince and Mandana. Last week Priya was eliminated from the house. Salman says he has a gut feeling that it won’t be a good day for Mandana.

Then the house is shown were contestants are doing their chores and Mandana is being called in confession room by Bigg Boss. Mandana comes in confession room and big boss tells him there is a bad news for her. Since outside news are not given to inmates but this being a serious problem big boss tell her. She comes out of confession room crying. Imam comforts her and says her to be strong while Rochelle says that this would be showed in episode so it would be for promotion of movie. After later Tushar Kapoor and Aftab Shivdasai makes a surprise entry to house to meet mandana. Madana comes running and hugs Tushar and Aftab. Tushar says that all has become slim and all of them sit on sofa. They say that their film is going to be released on 22nd January and said Mandana that they never thought that she will come this far in show. He says there is chaos erupted outside and there a message for her given by Ekta Kapoor. Its a clip, clip is being played and Ekta congratulated Madana for being finalist of big boss 9. Later she added there only 1 week left for film to be released and you are still in house. You told me you will come out after 4 weeks. She said her to come out of house right now to promote movie else she will take legal action against her. She said if she declines to come out now then Ekta will sue Mandana for 5Cr rupees. Ekta also added that she is very fond of mandana and she don’t want to do this but she can’t help it even. Clip ends and tushar said mandana to come out and talk silently. They go in garden to talk. Meanwhile Rochelle tells Keith Ekta cant prank on such topic.

Big Boss 9 Full Episode 97, (Day 98), 17th January 2016 Written Updates

Tushar shows her contract and said she has to make a choice. Madana said I had conversation before coming to show and since it being a big show it will be a good platform. Tushar says it is final week to promote film, she said she is hung is between as it is final week and she is safe this week. Aftab tells Mandana that its all on her. She said the film co-stars are family to her and she dont know what to do.

Commercial break features, after break Tushar and Aftab comes on stage and dances on their film song “Oh boy you are my soft toy”. Salman Khan claps and said good performance. Later he asks about the movie. Tushar and Aftab have saxophone in their hand. They say as movie is about se* so… then he ask whether the film is vulgar,  that say it is comedy. Later Salman ask is there any dog in movie aftab said yes and Madana’s father too. Salman says now only Bigg Boss is her father now. Later they play a game where aftab said tushar will enact a dialogue and salman has to guess it. Tushar acts and salman guesses it “aap devil ke peeche, devil apke peeche”. Later tushar said he has improvised this in movie and said aap devil ke peeche, devil apke neeche”. Salman laugh’s and said this is perks of Kya Kool Haiu Hum. Later they paly another game “horny ko kon taal skta hai”(here horny means horn sound) . He said he will ask questions and if he anwers wrong them then he will play horn. Aftab asks whether salman is being caught watching X-rated movie he said yes. 2nd Question whether salman wanted to kiss any actress on screen, he said no. Tushar plays horn indicating him to be wrong. 3rd question whether he promised any girl for marriage he said yes and said everyone knows about it. He and Sangeeta were about to get married and even wedding cards where printed but things didnt fall in places. Later few more questions are asked.

Big Boss 9 Full Episode 97, (Day 98), 17th January 2016 Written Updates

Then the inmates are connected to tushar and aftab through MeTV. Salman ask Mandana what has she decided she says she can’t think much she is confused and don’t know what to do. Salman says if you leave big boss house then you have to pay penalty and if you don’t leave house then Ekta will sue you. Salman says he has idea, he said kick someone in house then big boss will throw her out of house. She said she can’t do it as everyone here are her friends. He said even they have profit in that as there would be only 4 inmates then. Salman said slap Rochelle as she is her friend she will understand it. She said she can’t then Salman said slap Imam as he irritated her anyhow. She said she don’t know what to do. Later Tushar and aftab comes on screen and Salman said to abuse them as they are suing them. Tushar said we have come here as actors not form production house. Everybody laughs, and then tushar plays a clip where ekta said she can stay one more week in house and later she has to promote the movie when she comes out. Aftab jokes she has to dance on Oh boy song daily when she comes out. She said I can do it on big boss and she has taught dance steps to Rishab and Prince. Rishab sings Oh girl I am your soft toy and everybody laughs. Later tusshar said only one thing “do whatever you want to do man but don’t trouble you mother man”, Salman laughs, Tushar and Aftab leaves.

After break Manish comes on stage and salman ask him why you came here he said he is here to promote his movie tere bin laden: dead or alive. Then he enacts a movie scene and salamn said this is the world’s poorest joke and everybody laughs. Then mainsh dances and salman copies him and manish said one day he will tell his kids that salman copied his dance steps. Later salman connects manish to inmates through MeTV and Mandana was removing her sandals and salman said what she is doing and manish jokes that don’t take him lightly as he is from Delhi. Then salman ask manish him who is most alive in house he said Imam and he love him. Then he asks who is most dead person in house he said Keith and everybody laughs. Then they discuss about movie and Manish leaves.

Show is ended and Salman said to meet next week where Katrina Kaif, Aditya Roy Kaoor, And other people will join.

Updated: January 18, 2016 — 7:20 pm

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