Big Boss 9 Full Episode 94, (Day 95), 14th January 2016 Written Updates

Big Boss 9 Full Episode 94, (Day 95), 14th January 2016 Written Updates

Big Boss 9 Episode 95 Rishabh Unhappy with Imam, Mandana Mocks Prince by Kishwer’s name, Kieth does not purpose Rochelle on day 95.


Day 95 starts with song “A ji, O ji” song. Later send a letter for the task. The task was commander Imam. In this task Imam was the commander and all the contestants were cadets. All the contestants were ordered to follow Imam’s command. This task was to bring discipline in the house. The whole house turned into a boot camp. Imam starts the task with March pass. Imam ordered that no one will look him eye to eye. Priya adds humor in the task and made it difficult for Imam to keep a straight face. Later Imam challenges Rishabh to cut his hairs from Mandana initially Rishabh refuses to cut his hairs from Mandana the Imam interrupts and orders Rochelle to cut his(Rishabh)  hairs. Rochelle was taking it longer to cut so Imam took the scissor and cut rishab’s hair. Then Rishabh ask commander (Imam) that can he speak something. Imam allows, Rishabh said that commander the cut which you gave is not cool. He said I am looking fool in this haircut.

Later big boss calls Imam in the confession room and give him an intelligence task, big boss said that you have to force any 2 housemates to refuse the whole commander task. After getting out from the confession room all the cadets (housemates) were in the bedroom and Imam gives punishment to Kieth, Prince, Mandana. Later Kieth was ordered to make food for all.

Big Boss 9 Full Episode 94, (Day 95), 14th January 2016 Written Updates

Priya faints

Later Imam gives a task to the housemates of standing on the ice slide with holding dumbles. Rochelle and Priya were asked to do that. Both Priya and Rochelle stands for a while, later Imam orders that if they want they both can get off the task and let others do it. Rochelle gets down and Priya continues after some time Priya starts fainting, Prince immediately calls for a doctor and Rishabh and Prince take her to the confession room after some time she was fine. Later they do march pass throughout the house and ends in the bathroom area, Imam asks Rochelle if she has successfully completed the task, she ask keith so purpose her, in between Prince dedicates a song for both of them. During lunch Imam ask everyone if they remember what tasks were given to them. He again raised the proposal task of Rochelle, Kieth and Rochelle again ran of the question. Later in the living area Imam asks everyone one by one alphabetically that if they are ready to complete their tasks. Starting with keith , Kieth said for purposing Rochelle in the house. Rochelle also refused to do. Then it  was Mandana who was given the task of getting bald, even she refused. It was Prince then & then Priya. Both refuses to do their task. Rishabh was given task to get a total hair cut having small hairs. Rishabh took a while and answered yes. Then suddenly big boss announces that the commander task is over and called Imam in the confession. Big boss said Imam you failed in your Intelligance task.

Big Boss 9 Full Episode 94, (Day 95), 14th January 2016 Written Updates
episode 95

Later rishab and Mandana were in bathroom are and Prince was having a bath. We know how Mandana is, this time Mandana suddenly got hyper seeing that her towel is used by someone. She says Rishabh who used it Rishabh said I don’t know, Kieth gets in and says that may be he have used her towel. So here is what a towel was gets starts. Prince after bathing started criticizing Mandana for behaving so weird. Mandana raises the Kishwer and Prince’s brother and sisters topic. Prince and gets angry and here starts a cold war between them. Later,Imam seen to solve the fight between them. Imam orders both to sit together and solve the matter. Both Prince and Mandana sits for a while quietly. Later Prince starts saying that Mandana you shouldn’t have take that converstion to personal level. Mandana as usual didn’t cleared the matter and went off.

Well, from some glimpse of next episode after this episode brings curiosity in my mind. As the next episode is going to have as task called “Imam ki adalat” in which the winner of task will be the first finalist.


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