Big Boss 9 Full Episode 93, (Day 93), 13th January 2016 Written Updates

Big Boss 9 Full Episode 93, (Day 93), 13th January 2016 Written Updates


The housemates woke up with the song “My Name Is Lakhan”. Mandana tries to impress Imam by cooking food for him. Mandana always gets in to the fight and this time it was Rishabh against her. It was all started when Mandana started Complaining Prince about Rishabh’s behavior when Rishabh started to walk in and taunt and pass snide remarks at her. Soon after Mandana started to lose her temper and started abusing Rishabh while he walked away tauntingly saying to her that she could hurl as many as insults at him as she liked in front of the camera. Mandna was then tauntingly asked Rishabh as he was taught to respect women or not. Prince came in defense of Rishabh and told Mandana to back off and not get family involved. Despite of all this Rishabh didn’t bother much what Mandana said to him and playfully taunted Mandana back from which Mandana gets angry and leave cooking in the mid way.

Big Boss 9 Full Episode 93, (Day 93), 13th January 2016 Written Updates


Later in the garden area Mandana was seen talking to Kieth, Priya and Imam about Rishabhs behavior with her. Imam added a fuel to the conversation saying that he knew that Rishabh can spool down to any level to win the game.

Big Boss 9 Full Episode 93, (Day 93), 13th January 2016 Written Updates


Later big boss gave task to the housemate and the task was “Imam Kaun” which means who’s Imam. The housemates were ordered to ignore Imam at any cost. Well, we all know how Imam can irritate anyone by his craziness.  Then Priya decides to form a stratergy to not be alone in the house at any cost so that Imam could not cross his limits also shared this stratergy with Kieth and Rochelle.


The game started by teasing Mandana while she was washing utensils. Later Imam threw chili powder at Rochelle and he also poured hand wash on the head of Priya. However the girls did well to ignore him. Later Imam blocks the door the door and tried to irritate Prince, Kieth and also Rishabh by not entering them in the house. The mens did well to ignore him. Imam said some words to Prince but due to the task couldn’t tell him anything.

Later when the task was over Prince came up with the point where Imam was giving him some bad words where Priya also supported Prince. Later after some time Rishabh say sorry to Mandana for his behavior.

Big Boss 9 Full Episode 93, (Day 93), 13th January 2016 Written Updates

After some time Prince and Rishabh were lying in the garden area and were having conversation. Rishabh was pulling Prince’s by saying that he will host a party where he will invite fellow contestants and also Yuvika. And also said that he will dance with Yuvika as now Prince will be with naura.  Rishabh requested  big boss that if he & Prince comes in final, give him(Rishabh) a chance to dance with Yuvika and he teases Prince by saying that you will get jealous of seeing him dancing with Yuvika.

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