Big Boss 9 Full Episode 92, (Day 92), 12th January 2016 Written Updates

Big Boss 9 Full Episode 92, (Day 92), 12th January 2016 Written Updates

episode 92

Day 92 starts with a Song ‘Main Aisa Kyun Hoon’ & the song indicates an unusual entry in the house. As the day Progresses, the entry of the most dangerous man in big boss history with the song Azim o shaan shehensha brings Doubletrouble in the house. Yes! The dangerous Imam Siddique big boss season 6 finalists. Big boss welcomed Imam and said housemates that Imam will be here with you for this week & you all are given task to keep Imam happy & big boss also said that Imam will decide who will be the first finalist(other than Prince). The moment he entered the house everyone got a shock. Imam started complaining about the hygiene of the house, he (Imam) said that standard of living of you all is zero. Mandana as you all know that whoever enters new in the house, she becomes a puppy and starts following. Imam asks housemates that what they were thinking about him when he came in the house, he also said ‘don’t lie I can read body expressions. Priya & Prince said they are excited, Rochelle said she is bit threatened because she had seen the season 6 of big boss then Imam said that he will be nice to one who will be nice to him & bizarre to them who will be bad with him. When Mandana interrupts in between while Imam was talking, he (Imam) said “don’t interrupt me while I am taking”.

Big Boss 9 Full Episode 92, (Day 92), 12th January 2016 Written Updates

imam siddique

Later Big Boss sends a letter. Priya read the letter & according to letter task was that Imam will order each of the housemates to do what he wants but housemates can deny his order with a valid reason. When everyone were sitting Imam said Kieth you

were the worst volunteer in the sand task and also said that Priya was definitely was the one man army in the task. He (Imam) asked Prince that what’s your real name, Prince said Braveen (Brave). Imam said “you should use the name given by your parents and you also don’t look like a Prince you don’t even has that Prince kind of quality”. Later when only Mandana, Rochelle & Priya were sitting Imam said Rochelle to convince Kieth to purpose her. He (Imam) also sang and dance with Rochelle & said Rochelle that this will be your task. Later in the kitchen area Imam said Kieth that you will have to perform a task to impress Rochelle. But due to Keith’s formalness Kieth was asked to impress Priya and Priya literally got impressed. He(Imam) also gave task to Priya and Rishab to have a haircut, but both refused to do so. Priya said my husband won’t allow doing so. Imam insists a lot to Priya for having a haircut but then he said to wear a wig till she doesn’t change her mind of not having a haircut.

Big Boss 9 Full Episode 92, (Day 92), 12th January 2016 Written Updates

episode - 92

Later Imam went into the bedroom with Rishab and asked that who’s this bed is! Suddenly Rochelle came in and said this is mine and Keith’s bed. Imam said Rochelle “since you have not performed my given task you and keith will sleep away from each other”. Later when everyone was in garden area a small fight breaks out between Imam & Priya. Imam accuses Priya of making a rude comment against him while having conversation with Kawaljeet. After this Imam gave a special advice to Mandana to lure Prince in order to get ahead of Prince in the game. Later Kieth was having conversation with Rochelle asking her that what Imam told her, she said that “Imam told me to convince you to purpose me for engagement”. Well that was all in last night’s episode. The dimensions of the house have received a complete makeover after Imams entry.

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