Big Boss 9 Full Episode 91, (Day 91), 11th January 2016 Written Updates

Big Boss 9 Full Episode 91, (Day 91), 11th January 2016 Written Updates


Finally the Sunday night episode has been telecasted on Monday, now with the telecast will bring you all the remaining updates from previous sneak peek. Yes! All you can expect is a set of surprises that this actor has in store for the viewers & may be he is the reason why we all watch big boss. This time Salman didn’t waste any time and directly interrogate with housemates that why they saved Mandana from voting! The moment Salman puts this question, Priya came with an answer. We all know that Priya is ready to put up a fight that’s what was pretty evident from the way she answered the question. Priya went on to say that the only reason why everyone didn’t voted Mandana is because this week she acted really nice to everyone because the show is at the end. She also said that why she (Priya) became bad in everyone’s eyes  is because she said what she felt and that’s why five votes were in her favor. Salman later than added that, this was the last week of voting and it was the eight time that there was open nomination & how you all didn’t cast a single vote against Mandana. He (Salman) said that you should have voted with a strategy and said you all(all the contestants) were boring this season and that’s why the wildcard entries were made, too bring entertainment.

Mandana Karimi got class from Salman Khan!

Later Salman came on Mandana saying her how can you be so racist! He said that Mandana you keep saying that Priya and Rishab are wild card entries and they can’t understand you emotions and blah blah! Salman tried to scold Mandana in his humor but Mandana started to convince Salman rather argued him. Salman later added in humor that Mandana if you give birth to a child at that point of time you’ll say that you have come now on earth you can’t understand my emotions (the whole house started laughing). Salman then asked Rishab that, Rishab you were saying in sand task that you will win this season. Rishab said yes!  I will win. Salman said that means you are legend and whom you think is legend other than you. Salman said decide among you’ll till then we’ll be right back.

Sanam Re team on the sets of Big Boss season 9

sanam re

Later Salman introduced Pulkit Samrat and director Divya Khosla Kumar on the sets of big boss for the promotion of the movie Sanam re. Salman started congratulating Pulkit for his amazing ripped body in this movie and then pulkit asked Salman to have a few steps on Salman’s song “oh oh jaane jana” from movie “pyaar kiya toh darna kya” and also the director divya showed some few steps of her item no. in this film. Salman was also asked to play Pulkit’s character akash from the movie, pulkit enacted out yami’s role.

Kishwer Merchant disappointed by Prince

KishwerLater Salman introduced evicted contestant Kishwer merchant on the show to have the answers of some few unsolved question. Salman asked Kishwer what her feelings are after eviction for Prince, she said she was little disappointed with Prince and her decision. She also said that Prince should have at least said it for once that, no Kishwer I’ll sacrifice for you. But she later added that Prince is my brother and I want him to win the show.

Big Boss 9 Full Episode 91, (Day 91), 11th January 2016 Written Updates

Later when Salman came back to housemates he said them to gathered at activity area and decide at which position they stand according to others from 1 to 6. They took a bit time and later, according to housemate Kieth was at no.1, Prince at 2, Priya 3rd, Rochelle 4th, Mandana 5th, Rishab 6th. Salman said the one who is at the position 6th is evicted. Priya got stunned from this. Salman said no housemate has the right to evict the other housemate; it is the right of the audiences and big boss. Later he seriously said Kieth you are out. All got stunned, and started moving towards the exit Rochelle starts crying.  Later Salman calls that there is no eviction today and voting lines were off for this week.

Do not miss the next episodes as the craziest Imam (2006 contestant) is coming back to threatened the housemates.Imam

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